Meet Xavier Perez


Hi my name is Xavier Perez, I have lived in the Dallas area my entire life and love everything about Dallas and Texas. I currently work in Plano as a Senior Network Analyst for a financial institution and have been with my current employer for over 8 years total. I love what I do and who I work with. I have also been bless with an amazing wife and daughter who are my sunshine. On top of that, I am a current student and plan on graduating with a Bachelors in Business Management of Information Systems in the near future. 

My whole concept on starting thedbjourney is to have a guys perceptive on day to day life items as well as fitness concepts and food! I love all the blogs that have succeeded so well in the Dallas greater area. The majority of them are from women who do great work on getting new and exciting information out to their readers but I couldn't help but to feel left out sometimes with their articles as they leaned more towards their woman audience. I wish there was a blog out there that was directed to men who also have a passion on exploring their great city and all the food, events and wellness it has to offer. So that's why I've decided to start thedbjourney.

I hope to post articles that help readers keep exploring their area and try new, fun and exciting events and things. Please follow along and enjoy my passion for life. Welcome to thedbjourney.