Why you NEED to try Crossfit

First timer

Last weekend I was invited to try out a newly revamp crossfit  gym, Strong Austin Ranch, in Austin Ranch. I have to admit I was super nervous to try out crossfit; I mean have you ever seen crossfit athletes? Men and Women who train crossfit always seem to be shredded and look like they were pulled right out of a Marvel Comic book page minus the suite and cape. I love to watch the Crossfit Games on tv and Netflix has some really good documentaries of them as well if you ever want to see what they are all about.

Being my first time to try it out I brought my wife along to their Saturday 10 am intro class. Right away, Gabe, the coach onsite greeted us and welcomed us to their gym.  Heart pounding, palms sweating as I looked around I knew instantly this is no LA Fitness, no social chit chat gym and there's no espresso machine at the front counter. No, people come here to put their body through the ringer and push to new limits. 



Let The Games Begin

If you never been to crossfit gym, you'll find out real quick that the word A/C doesn't exist. Most gyms have garage style doors open with the front door prop  open to circulate the air. The atmosphere of the gym is strong with gym goers encouraging each other to hit that extra rep or beat that time limit. 


Our trainer gave us a run down of what we'll be doing that day. He was awesome at giving us examples of each work out and giving us time to adjust our form. The work out on board didn't look too bad...boy was I wrong!

We did the following twice:

  • Kettle Bell Swings x 25
    • 25 setups afterwards
  • Wall Ball throws x 25
  • Straight leg dead lifts x 25
    • 25 push-ups afterwards
  • Wall Ball throws x 25

Take a 5 min break

  • 50 clean and jerks



I freaking loved this workout! First work out is free!

Strong Austin Ranch

Why you Need to Try  Crossfit

This year I think I have explored different realms of workouts more than I have ever before. prior to this year I was a gym rat and loved throwing up heavy weight, drop sets and burn outs. I would jump on an elliptical for cardio and that was my routine. Don't get me wrong that's all great and all but my body adapted to that kind of push and I felt like I wasn't seeing results anymore. 

This year though I've done boxing, kick boxing, yoga, and now crossfit. Why you need to try crossfit is because you need to challenge yourself physically and mentally! Crossfit does both and you do it in a team environment. I loved everything about  about Strong Austin Ranch. The work out was tough and makes you dig deep to finish. Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone to work harder is a good thing.

Once you find yourself in a gym like this that was built to build you stronger inside first and then out. You know you are in the right place. Thanks again Strong Austin Ranch for the invitation!