Lights and Sounds of Las Vegas

Las Vegas by night

This past week my job sent the CIO and myself to Vegas to oversee some new hardware being deployed at a few of our locations. I go to Vegas a couple of times a year and its normally for work. Even though most people would love to spend a week in Vegas I found that its long enough for me to want to fly back to good ol Texas by day 5. I took some time at night to step out onto the Strip even though I was pulling 12-14 hours a day of work out there. I felt the need to capture Vegas life through the lens.   Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took. 

In the middle of it all

We stayed right off the Strip at The Linq Hotel and Casino. If your looking for a decent 4 star casino and on the Strip this is a place to stay. The place was pretty affordable, considering its location, running about $140 a night. The parking is kind of pricey but good luck finding somewhere cheaper beside your hotel out in Vegas. Other than the price the walk from the garage to the casino/hotel was short and easy to get to which was nice. The check in was fast and easy, that also was another plus.  And unlike a lot of the other larger casinos in town the walk for the front desk to the hotel elevators was a skip hop away. The rooms are a cozy size that would be large enough for 2 people or eve 3. I think 4 would be pushing it. The Hotel is a urban looking and gives a young hipster feel to it all. Even though I didn't make it to any pool parties the lounge area is someone small but I think that would make the partying fill more full. 

Walking the Strip

So if your not into gambling and still want to visit Vegas you can find plenty to do. A couple of the nights I opted out of hitting the tables and decided to take a stroll down Las Vegas Blvd. As soon as the sun sinks behind the mountains the desert becomes alive with lights of bright billboards flashing there specials and who's playing where. The dry air is fill with music as you whisk past a guitarist on the street playing a smooth melody.  Or a local band at one of the bars as the beer bottles are held up high over the heads of tourist hoping to make this one night to remember. I enjoyed grabbing a beer and taking a seat at a out door bar and people watching. It was fun to just take it all in and seeing the excitement of the night grow. You can't go wrong walking around the strip bouncing in and out of casinos. Just remember Las Vegas strip is huge and plan on walking a few miles before you cover half of it in one night. But at least your guilt free of drinking those ice cold beers since your getting your step count in right? 

Water show for all ages

I've been to Vegas a few times now and never actually caught the famous Bellagio water show until now. I have to say its worth making the time to go visit the show. The show comes on every 30 mins up until 8pm and after that it comes on every 15 mins until midnight with its final act for the day. I really enjoyed watching the show with all its choreography. The water dances majestically to the music and leaps into the air with crowds gasping in amazement. It was fun to observer the young party crowd standing next to the retired seniors both taking in the beauty of the dancing water. Parents kneeling down next to their toddlers pointing at the elegant water showcasing its majestic dance was great to spectate. If you come to Vegas make sure to carve out time for this wonder. 

Rooftop extravaganza

My last night in sin city I wanted to go out one last time I was there. But working all week I wasn't really in the mood to track miles down the strip. So I decided to visit Ceasar Palace Omnia Night Club. 

I went out on a Thursday night for the first time I think since I was in my early twenties. I was in the midst of young eager adults looking to catch that Vegas vibe. That one night to remember and go back home to gossip their stories and adventures of their Vegas experience.


Meet May, as I walked across the boulevard and heading up to Ceasar's this nice lady stops me to ask if I was headed to Omnia. I answered, "Actually I am." May then replies back, "Great I'm out here promoting for the club and have passes for $20, inside you'll pay $30." Curious of how she could she could be selling for a discount just outside the door she informed me she is on her way out to the strip. She normally walks the strip promoting and getting guest to go to Omnia. I was just fresh out of cash so I wasn't able to take her up on her offer. But she ended up giving me a pass for free since I was nice to her and didn't brush her off. So if you end up going out make sure to look for promoters with passes. You can distinguish them from the strip club promoters usually because they would be dress nicer and closer to their night club. 

The night club itself is massive. But this night itself they only had the rooftop lounge area open. You enter through a zig-zag velvet rope as you make your way through security inside Ceasar's Palace. once you pass the club door the room opens up to this room that looks like something off of The Great Gatsby. The black and gold marble floors with the large overhead chandeliers  can make anyone feel like tonight is going to be a remarkable one. Even if the cover for most guest is $30 for guys and $20 for ladies (thanks again May). To make your way up to the rooftop lounge you walk up two flights of golden lit stair cases and through a purple amethyst hallway. All the way through you can feel the vibrations of the music and then with last turn through a hallway a swoosh of cool night air brushed over you. The first thing you see is the amazing view of the Las Vegas Blvd. All the casinos lit up and the floor of the roof top as well. 


As I made my way through the lounge and taking in the scenery. The music was a mix of today's hits with house music. People were conversing among themselves and doing the same as myself snap chatting away and sending messages back home to friends. Over all I would have to say the energy and vibes of this club were a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it to any visitors of Vegas. Being my last night out there I wanted to enjoy as much of my night as possible and ended making friends of a few travelers from the Netherlands as we cheered the night away!