Best Hiking Trail In Grapevine

The Great Outdoors

This past Sunday to celebrate mothers day we packed up the family and headed out to Rockledge Park. If you love being outdoors and want to hike a trail in our area that has an amazing view this is the spot! 



Rockledge Park

Grapevine Lake

Rockledge Park is this amazing park that oversees all of Grapevine lake. The drive up to the park takes you down a winding road to a narrow entrance where you pull up to a small shack that you pay $5 per vehicle to enter. Every time we've been here we have been greeted by a warm smile of whomever is working the entrance. You pass the small shack and are struck by a jaw dropping view of Grapevine Lake. Across the lake you can see The Gaylord Texan and all its wonders. 



Happy Mother's Day!


                 My beautiful wife and daughter

The Trail

On this day the park was full of families celebrating Mother's Day as well as newly college graduates. We found a place to park and make our way to the trail. In total the trail is just over 4 miles so you can get some great hiking in with a great view of the lake. The trail steers you next to high cliffs that are kind of rare to see in our area of Texas. The walk reminds me of the Hills in California where the water is on one side of you but instead of an ocean breeze you get the lake breeze rolling through. The hike can get challenging, especially if you take a toddler like we did lol. Try to make your way up and down some rock formations with a kid on your shoulders is a good core work out! All in all this is a trail we will be visiting more this summer. 

The Lake

The lake was too nice not to let our pup take a swim. Our dog, Fiona, had so much fun splashing around the beach. And then diving in the cool water to chase after the tree branch we would throw for her to fetch as we hung out on the shore line. The breeze was refreshing as it cooled the beads of sweat rolling down our faces. The sun's rays stretched out far and wide with not a cloud in sight. By the time we were done hanging out we all looked like we've been kissed by the sun.




Being Cast Away's

Inside City Limits

Summer Night Show

The great thing about Grapevine Lake is that in the summer's they host a firework show ever Friday night. There are different locations around the lake you can catch the show but Rockledge Park has  the best view. If you want to find a way to take the whole family out or that special someone on a different kind of Friday night date. Pack a picnic, maybe a bottle of wine and find a spot where you all can settle on one of the grassy knolls and enjoy the firework show! The park stays open late for the Friday night fireworks so give it a try one time this summer.

Rockledge Park

Another great place that Dallas area has to offer. Get out there and enjoy are amazing city!